Real Food Daily: Tater me this, tater me that…

With the holidays right around the corner, I have been craving potatoes like an Irish mad-man! From mashed, salad form, fried; if it’s from the starchy, tuberous crop, I’m in! This brought me back to a place I hadn’t been to in years but remembered liking just fine: Real Food Daily (or commonly abbreviated, RFD).

RFD offers a great variety of dishes inspired by eclectic cuisines; Caribbean, Italian, Mexican and hearty all-American; from Lasagna, Caribbean Quesadillas, Real Food Burger, Macaroni and Cheese; from finer-dining plates to flat-out comfort food, Real Food Daily’s got you covered.

RFD also offers “Basic Bowls”, which are BYO and steered towards being more health-oriented. I personally like this option a lot and tend to choose it over the aforementioned, staple menu offerings–and it allows me to go potato-crazy muahahaha! You can choose from two-four options, with one protein choice: but don’t be a glutton unless your belly can stand the heat; you get a ton of food for your buck and will probably be fine with the ‘pick three’ option.

The highlights of these bowls is that you can really can be an all-out piggy or really health-conscious; you can get anything from garlicky kale, seaside greens, and grilled tofu to more heartier and fatty combinations like potato salad, mashed potatoes, and Almond Tuna. Personally, all options are great and flavorful but I have to stick with the heftier latters; the Almond Tuna (a mock-Tuna created from grated almonds and vegan mayo) is simply DIVINE! Hands-down better than any tuna I consumed pre-vegan days and for any vegan-newbies, a definite must try. RFD also dishes up some mean Tempeh (I love Tempeh but I am also a Tempeh snob and have a high, high bar for it); offered in three preparation forms (blackened, marinated, and taco-blended), it’s great no matter how you order it. My personal favorite is the blackened option, but there’s really no going wrong with any of these three preparations (I know, I’ve tried all three multiple times).

Now, back to my initial point: potatoes. My God does RFD know what to do with them potatoes. From mashed to potato salad, RFD’s potato sides alone are reason enough to keep one coming back. While I prefer the potato salad over the mashed (only because I’ve had some downright disappointing vegan potato salad before), that is just my personal preference; these potato masterpieces are both respectfully great.


Also, the peanut sauce (yes, I am now ranting about peanut sauce). The Basic Bowls give you a dressing option to slather on top of your greens (if you choose to get any, unlike me…); Ranch, Vinaigrette, Thousand Island, and Peanut Sauce; Jesus Christ that peanut sauce dressing will make you lick the bowl!!! It is so delicious; imagine melting peanut butter in the oven for a few minutes and then pouring it over your already indulgent vegan feast and you are in for a vegan-nirvana experience. Such a tasty sauce!!!

Now, since carbs and the nostalgia caused by the upcoming holiday season brought me back to RFD, I have to make an honorable mention: The Thanksgiving Teaser.

This grand feast consists of mashed potatoes (again with them taters), pecan praline smashed yams, a PHENOMENAL cornbread stuffing loaf, pretty legit, garlic-sautéed broccolini, and a side of cranberry sauce. This one meal you’ll want to wear your stretchy pants for and it’s definitely worth the food coma to come; a great way to welcome the holiday season and gratuitously reward your taste buds all at once…this talk of the holiday season and potatoes is making my inner-carb-craving Dr.Jekyll rip at my belly; I might just have to make a pit-stop at RFD for dinner.


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