Glowing Juices: My Glowing Mornings.

Ok, so I have to admit, I think I might be a repressed hipster. I have been called out many times in the past in being so, and even though I’ve denied it to myself, the signs are there.

From Echo Park and Silver Lake Coffee Shops (
Chango, Stories, Andante, Cafe Vita), I’ve been a Duke on Yelp for all of them at some point and have traveled the distance just to show them my patronage. Restaurants such as Sage, Mohawk Bend, and Flore own my heart. I’m a sucker for Lassen’s, which I refer to as “Whole Foods: Echo Park; it’s really not any cheaper than its predecessor, but I just like the feeling in there.

All these places align with the trend of ‘up-and-coming hipster’ Echo Park-Silver Lake and the gentrification that sparked it. And while all these places keep bringing me back for seconds, thirds, hundreds, none puts a smile on my face more than “Glowing Juices.” This ‘mom-pop’ juice bar opened its doors in the early summer of 2016, and I have been a loyal patron of it since day one. The store owners, Bartek and Claudia Witt, are a lovely married couple that always greet everyone walking into their establishment with a smile; it’s that “Welcome home!” type of feeling.

Amongst its many perks, what I commemorate Bartek and Claudia for is offering an all-vegan juice bar in the heart of Echo Park, which with all its progressiveness and gentrification, only has Sage and Cinnaholic under its ‘all-vegan’ billing list. From awellness shots (wheat grass, ginger, turmeric, flu shot, you name it, they press it), to their extensive menu of juices and smoothies (The Muhdlahara being the best in its chocolaty, nutty and creamy taste), freshly prepared Acai Bowls, to frozen meals and well-known snacks; Newman Cookies (some which I’ve never even seen), Lenny and Larry Cookies, vegan chocolate truffles (I just melted a little typing that) and most recently, Kombucha on tap; think vegan goodies and you’ll probably find them here. They even have cute little tables and a wooden bench with chic tapestry that make you feeling like you’re having an out-of-country experience during your visit. How awesome is that?

What I like the most about Glowing Juices is that, in essence, it’s a vegan convenience store. I have never seen this anywhere else in Los Angeles( I’m not saying these don’t exist, I just haven’t seen another). It’s an innovative concept and one that I hope spreads. With a Seven-Eleven in every corner, more “Glowing Juices” are needed in the world. Thank you Bartek and Claudia for setting the example and showing the world it’s possible. Oh yea, also thank you for the vegan chocolate chip cookie dough ;p

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