Locali: Here’s Sammie!


This place is pretty legit. Though I am not one to usually dine at convenience health-foods stores, Locali has managed to bring me in on more than one occasion.

The concept is the same as many other health-foods stores of its kind: all-organic, grass-fed, antibiotic free products with options for vegans and non-vegans alike. Totally business-oriented and that’s really most health-foods stores out there (vegan and non-vegan) so there’s not much to do but revel in the fact that Locali does offer mostly vegan goods.

The freezer stuff is what you would imagine at places like Lassens, Whole Foods, Erewhon, Trader Joe’s and all in this league: Kombucha (kudos to the many varieties Locali carries), Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss Ice Cream, non-dairy chocolate bars, Eat Pastry cookie dough, all the norms for vegan snackers and booch aficionados. Good stuff. Cute decor, too.


The food. The cooked food is where it’s at—Locali serves some of the best vegan sandwiches I had since becoming vegan. What makes them so great? Well. Well. WELL! Everything. Locali advertises quality ingredients in its sandwiches and it delivers nothing short of said promise.

The Reuben:

I had heard accounts of the grandioseness of
this sandwich through friends and phone apps (Yelp and Instagram), but all the word-of-mouth fell short in truly relating just how phenomenal this sandwich is. Imagine layer after layer of sliced vegan-deli meat, the creamiest of vegan Russian dressing, the richest of vegan cheese and sauerkraut that isn’t overpowering in its tang, and the bread…some of the best rye I have ever tasted on a sandwich and rye is never my togo-to (I actually don’t like rye bread). Combine all these elements and you have, lo-and-behold, one of the best vegan sandwiches ever. In the history of sandwiches. Period. No argument allowed. No, don’t even try.

The Bad-Ass Breakfast Sandwich:

Oh McDonalds, how I remember your breakfast menu and the good ole McGriddle Days. I remember how this syrupy-cheesy-greasy breakfast sandwich would always make me squirm in my mouth and want another one…nedless to note those days are long gone. But thanks to Locali, I can relive this experience (sans the hash brown, sigh). This is one delicious mini-sandwich that even in its small composition, actually hits the spot. You get a vegan sausage patty, vegan soy-free cheddar, vegan chipotle sauce, all tucked away in a toasted sprouted grain english muffin and…yes…slathered in maple syrup! That maple syrup . Oh my vegans! Maple Syrupy-Breakfast Sammie goodness in your mouth, my mouth, everyone’s mouth. You have not lived until trying this sandwich! It will change your view on breakfast for life!

Now, after this drool-inducing depiction of what’s great at Locali, I have to make some fair assessments to what isn’t so great:

The Bourgeoischeese: Really salty. Yea, you get the delicious cheese in the Reuben, but you also get tempeh bacon that results in overkill when combined with an already savory vegan cheese; a bad complementation. The bread (six grain bread) is the only discernible part of the sandwich. And there’s the spinach and red onions, which is spinach and red onions so what can I really add to that? An underwhelming sandwich in taste and overwhelming in its faults.

I have also tried the potato salad and the coleslaw on two different occasions. Ironically, both sides lack what the sandwiches have an abundance of: vegan mayo. A minimal amount of vegan mayo goes into both and this gives way to rather bland sides. Come on now Locali, you should know potato salad and coleslaw are nothing—and I mean nothing—without a generous amount of added vegan mayo. I would not order these sides again.

All in all, I will keep coming back to Locali to try more of their hot sandwiches. Both The Reuben and Badass have lived up to their reputation upon my trying them and this makes the rest of the sandwiches seem promising. Y’all gotta try that Reuben and Badass. Do yourself a favor and live a little. Live a lot!

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