SunCafe: The SunChorizo’s Ballpark


Sun Cafe is definitely a hidden gem in the Studio City; directly behind a Public Storage and opaque by the approximating restaurants and establishments Long Ventura Blvd, it easily places out of sight. But once you find it, you are in for a exquisite culinary experience.

From the ambiance starting with outdoorsy seating, with heat lamps and beautiful plants surrounding the patio, to the indoor arrangement of wooden tables, chairs, and benches; the layout of SunCafe is one of the most welcoming and unique I’ve seen in an L.A restaurant, vegan or non-vegan.

The service is admirable as well; from the speedy and diligent host, who immediately sat my party of five despite our absentmindedness in not calling to reserve a table, to our server who greeted us promptly and suggested nothing but the best off the menu, to the efficiency of the food runners in delivering fresh off-the-skillet (or in the case of my mac and cheese, on the skillet). The service is nothing short of excellent.

The food: it’s all true. All the stories of the phenomenal, Mac and Cheese, the glorious shakes, even the lettuce leaf tacos (yea, you read that right, lettuce leaf tacos,) all of these and many more menu items are exceptional beyond your wildest, vegan foodie fantasy. But, to every menu there’s an all-star, and for the mac, leafy tacos, and a few other menu show-stealers, it’s greatly thanks to the SunChorizo. You’re in a whole different ballpark the moment you add this to your plate.





Let me me sidetrack for a moment; let’s get real, no one became vegan because meat-based products tasted disgusting. Unless your name’s Joaquin Phoenix, you probably still remember what a burger from In&Out, Carl’s Jr., and Red Robin tastes like, you probably still remember what a M&M McFlurry under the summer sun felt like in your mouth, and you probably remember what eating authentic, East L.A Mexican street tacos was like; these were all delicious in their own respect.

Now, all that all resurfaced, you have probably enjoyed such culinary innovations like “Beyond Meat”, vegan soft serve (the legit stuff) and faux meat tacos due to the reminiscence of their meat-based originators. That’s exactly what SunChorizo accomplishes, and it does so far better than most other soy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, fake-free meat imitations out there.

It’s love at first taste. I never would have thought to add it to the mac and cheese (I had already ordered this dish many times before and loved it just fine in its intended preparation), but I am so glad I did. The SunChorizo really takes up the game by a hundred notches. It tastes just like chorizo–not soyrizo–chorizo! It’s meaty, with a beefy consistency, delicious, just the way I remember chorizo tasting minus all the grease drippings. It revolutionizes SunCafe’s already revolutionary mac and cheese. And that’s just the beginning. Two of my friends ordered the lettuce leaf tacos, which in description sound light and simple (cashew cheese, avocado, tomato, SunChorizo), but add SunChorizo. One bite and before you know it, all three tacos are swimming through your belly. I’m telling you, that SunChorizo takes SunCafe’s food game to a whole different ballpark.


The SunChorizo can be added to just about half the items on the menu, and trust me, you’ll be glad to pay the additional three bucks to do so. It’s a SunCafe speciality that this establishment should proudly wear under its belt along with the rest of its exceptional menu.




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